Skylord the Good


I must confess. I enjoy jumping off of high places. My friends call me quite a thrill-seeker.

I am working to become the best sky sailor (Good +2) I can be.

I am a Royalist Colronan (Good +2).

I once held a position as a Crailese Falcon (Good +2), but I left the group.

I enjoy my life as an adventurous wingman (Good +2),.

I have a few other strengths:

Acrobatic (Good +2)
Tailor (Good +2)
Athletics (Good +2)
I even served as a spy (Good +2) for a short time.

And some techniques have kept me safe:

I am comfortable operating at great heights (Location)
I can avoid damage with a swift dodge and get opponents away from me with a throw.


Skylord the Good

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