Across the Seven Skies

One Night in Agua Azule
Makes a proud man humble.

While following Harold the Merchant, the group discovers a group of corrupt Falconers under the command of Lt. Viktor the Handsome. The party protects the older man, winning his friendship and the promise of a tour of The Marketplace of Agua Azul.

Operating on a tip from Captain Dokerson, the party interrupts a burglary at the last known address of Dorian Kaffar. They recover an oddly shaped item…


from a thief dresses as one of The Rugged Tribes.

While leaving the residence, they are met by Dorian Kaffar . He tells them to take the artifact to Anton at the marketplace at noon the next day.

Pirates v Musketeers: Just Who Buckles a Swash Better?
It's an Age Old Question

Player write up to come.


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