Sebastian "Sebby" Reynard

A thin 15 year old lad with straw hair and vacant eyes.


Sebastian “Sebby” Reynard

I must confess, I’m known to have a Foible or two…
Alas, I am Young, and due to my lack of experience can be Naïve. I’m sure I’ll grow out of the first foible, though!

My strongest desire, my greatest hope, my Motivation (Good [+2] Forte)is…
Earning the Status of a Musketeer

I’m proud to say my Nationality is (Good [+2] Forte)…
Royalist Colronna

And my Past (Good [+2] Forte), which has helped make me what I am today, is …

You might say that my Swashbuckling Forte (Good [+2] Forte) is…
Animal Kinship
I am able to roll an extra die, keep best, or flat +1 vs those who are cruel to animals

Fortes? Why yes—I’ve several! (3 additional Good [+2] Ranks; can be used to improve existing Fortes)
Sidekick: Falcon, Raphael Roberto Ramirez Rodriguez III
Improvisational Fighting

And Techniques? Certes, monsieur! (5 Technique “points”)
-2 Spidery (Idiom, chained to Improv Fighting)
-1 Vs. Those Cruel to Animals (chained to Animal Kinship)
-1 On Horseback (Situational, chained to Animal Kinship)
-1 Kennelmaster (Idiom, chained to Animal Kinship)

Daisyeye, my nag of a horse—who spooks easily without my presence


My friends and most others call me “Sebby.” While I come from an aristocratic family, I’m too young to hold a title. At least, I’m too young, right now—maybe in a year or two—once I’m no longer 15, I can claim a title. I fantasize about being a Musketeer and defending the crown, but currently I mainly tend to the order’s animals. Because I’m typically around animals, my typical garb is more plain (and often dirty) rather than aristocratic. I have straw-like hair, in both color and texture, and a narrow frame. When not working with or talking to animals, I have a habit of gazing off, drifting into my own personal fantasies, even if someone else is talking. …It sometimes gets me into trouble.

Sebastian "Sebby" Reynard

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