Lieutenant Fabre

A young lieutenant, on the rise in the Colronan Musketeers.


Luc Fabre

I confess, I have a weakness for pretty women. They drive me to distraction and nearly to ruin.

My motivation is to rise in the ranks of the Colronan Musketeers (Good +2)

I am proud Colronan. (Good +2)

My past as an Aristocrat (Good +2) made me what I am today.

My swashbuckling forte is my strength at Fencing (Expert +4)

I am quite skilled at witty Repartee (Expert+4)

I have my father’s rapier ( + 1 when Fencing, Technique)
My dashing good looks sway all who gaze on me (+1 with Repartee, Technique)
The guard of my father’s sword is helpful when breaking weapons (Technique)


Lieutenant Fabre

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