First Mate Raziya

A sharp woman, equally quick with laughter as she is with her cutlass.


I confess, I have a soft spot for my crew and will likely put myself into danger to help them.

Someday, I hope to run my own ship and be the best skysailor I can be (Good +2)

Come from the hidden island of Ilwuz. (Good +2)

My past as a Pirate (Good +2) made me what I am today.

My swashbuckling forte is my strength at Fencing (Good +2)

I am quite skilled at witty Firearms (Expert+4)

My unique look and experience at command has given me a Reputation (Good +2)

I have my father’s flintlock ( + 1 with Firearms, Technique) and my first captain’s sword ( + 1 with Fencing, Technique)
My distinctive look builds on my reputation (+1 with Reputation, Technique)


First Mate Raziya

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