Armand du Sable

A grizzled man, gruff in language and in manner, with a slightly haunted look about the eyes.


I have a strict code of honor and an overdeveloped sense of responsibility.

I am working towards Redemption for a dark past.

I am a Royalist Colronan (Good +2), but appear of ambiguous decent.

I once held a position in Colronan Musketeers (Good +2), but I left the group.

I have settled in to life as a respectable Publican (Good +2),.

I have a few other strengths:

  • (Dark) Secret (Good +2)
  • Firearms (Good +2)
  • Street Fighting (Good +2)

And some techniques have kept me safe:

  • Vs.: Drunks & Troublemakers (Vs. chained to Publican)
  • Location Bars & Taverns (Location chained to Publican)
  • Intimidation (Idiom chained to Publican)
  • Equipment: A blunderbuss named Yazmin (chained to Firearms)

Armand is taciturn and occasionally brusque when anybody asks about his past. He carries himself with an almost-military bearing, but when asked if he was ever a Musketeer, he simply says, “Perhaps, but that was all long ago.” All anybody knows about him for sure is that he came to the capital city many years ago and opened a tavern, the Dancing Wind. Over time, the establishment has built a reputation as a good place to raise a glass, and a bad place to start trouble. Armand keeps the peace in his tavern, usually with a sharp word and a glare, sometimes with his fists, and very rarely with the assistance of his blunderbuss, which he has named Yazmin.

He lives in rooms above the tavern, but spends most of his time in the large common room. He hears quite a lot of the talk that goes on in the Dancing Wind – even though he is a somewhat imposing figure, he is adept at disappearing into the background role of “bartender,” and people tend to ignore him. As such, he occasionally brokers information. Although he has been suspected of harboring criminals and spies, nobody has ever been able to prove anything of the sort. (In fact, he is firm about not permitting criminals – aside from petty thieves and pickpockets – plan or discuss their exploits in the tavern. Spies… well, who knows? He’s no secret agent, how would he recognize a spy?)

Once or twice a year, he disappears for several days, sometimes as long as a couple of weeks. He leaves the tavern in the hands of his capable and trustworthy staff, but tells nobody where he is going.

Is looking for “Raymond” on one of the island near Crail.

Armand du Sable

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