Across the Seven Skies

Torn Between Two.. No Three.. No Four....

'Feeling like a fool....'

While attempting to learn about the Eye of Thume, the party is approached by Baheera of the Hafazat Al’Algahz. Her negotiation for the artifact is cut short by an attack of Lt. Viktor the Handsome and his Falconers. Baheera disappears in the resulting melee.

After the fight, the party travels to the Library of Crail to lean about the amulet. At the library, they are approached by Father Algrenon. He offers something of value in exchange for the item and expresses the King of Colrona’s interest in it.

As the dawn breaks, the party moves out onto the street. Emerging from the shadows, an injured Dorian Kaffar stumbles into the group, uttering a single word before his dies in their arms “Irem.”



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