Across the Seven Skies

The Library of Irem
Two Maps and One Scary Librarian

While investigating the lost Library of Irem, the party discovered two map rooms, one hidden inside the other. Each room depicted the sundering of Crailwuz and the destruction of Kroy due to the use of what appears to be a supernatural super weapon. Using the The Eye of Thume the two rooms revealed two different locations among the 7 Skies: one on the Island of Sha Ka Ruq, the other on the Isle of Barathi.

Message to Madam Durante
Electrocution, Pants Off

Found your missing object, but it has been broken. We are trying to determine where it has been and who broke it.


Crail is beautiful. We’ve seen at least 37 art museums and sampled 42 different exotic dishes.

Hope to have more information shortly.


Tattoos belong on sailors. Seeing them decorating bandits, marring the skin of workers in pleasure houses, makes me uneasy. This particular marking is more like branding of livestock to prove ownership.

But I will tell you one thing, it makes it a simple task to know who is against us.

I worry that we are pawns and don’t direct our own course. Between spies, the court, and the Church it is difficult to know if we are doing the King’s will, or are we harming him?

I will mention to my companion’s this concern. Perhaps we can manage our own route for discovery and communicate directly to the King, without the filters of these other “factions”.

It may prove to be difficult, being so far from home.

Torn Between Two.. No Three.. No Four....
'Feeling like a fool....'

While attempting to learn about the Eye of Thume, the party is approached by Baheera of the Hafazat Al’Algahz. Her negotiation for the artifact is cut short by an attack of Lt. Viktor the Handsome and his Falconers. Baheera disappears in the resulting melee.

After the fight, the party travels to the Library of Crail to lean about the amulet. At the library, they are approached by Father Algrenon. He offers something of value in exchange for the item and expresses the King of Colrona’s interest in it.

As the dawn breaks, the party moves out onto the street. Emerging from the shadows, an injured Dorian Kaffar stumbles into the group, uttering a single word before his dies in their arms “Irem.”

One Night in Agua Azule
Makes a proud man humble.

While following Harold the Merchant, the group discovers a group of corrupt Falconers under the command of Lt. Viktor the Handsome. The party protects the older man, winning his friendship and the promise of a tour of The Marketplace of Agua Azul.

Operating on a tip from Captain Dokerson, the party interrupts a burglary at the last known address of Dorian Kaffar. They recover an oddly shaped item…


from a thief dresses as one of The Rugged Tribes.

While leaving the residence, they are met by Dorian Kaffar . He tells them to take the artifact to Anton at the marketplace at noon the next day.

Pirates v Musketeers: Just Who Buckles a Swash Better?
It's an Age Old Question

Player write up to come.


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